ADOPT-A-PET is a NO KILL, privately run non-profit organisation which rescues destitute dogs and cats.

ADOPT-A-PET is a privately run animal rights' rescue organisation for destitute dogs and cats which would die without our intervention. We are proud to be part of the "no-kill" movement which is gaining in momentum throughout the civilised world. Every animal which comes into Adopt-A-Pet's care is treated with the same love and respect, whether it is a pedigreed stray, or a starving emaciated dog riddled with mange and other parasites, or a cat with broken legs. The only animals which are humanely euthanised in the true sense of the word, on the advice of the veterinarians who have been assisting our animals since October 1994, are those which have terminal illnesses or incurable pain with no hope of recovery.

Every rescued animal is checked by a veterinarian, treated if necessary, inoculated, microchipped, de-wormed, de-flead and sterilised. Assistance is also given by dog & cat behaviourists. Prospective owners are first interviewed verbally and then a personal home check is made, before an adoption is finalised. Animals have to be treated as part of the family and need to sleep indoors. A second pet needs to be adopted if the owner works all day.

The adoption fee includes the first inoculation, de-worming, anti-flea treatment, sterilisation, if an adult, an identity disk and a microchip. In the case of puppies and kittens, the sterilisation fee is paid in advance and when the sterilisation is due, the owner is notified to take the animal in to the nearest veterinary practice which assists ADOPT-A-PET.

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